About the SBC

About the Stakman-Borlaug Center

More than ever before, today’s challenges to food security are complex. Producing food crops that require fewer inputs and make better use of dwindling natural resources is a goal of the Stakman-Borlaug Center (SBC) for Sustainable Plant Health. Building on the interdisciplinary, problem-solving vision of University of Minnesota scientists E.C. Stakman and Norman E. Borlaug, the SBC unites plant health experts from the University of Minnesota, other institutions, agri-industries and stakeholder groups to find durable, environmentally-friendly solutions to plant health challenges. Through research, outreach, and education, our experts are working at home and around the globe to ensure a food-secure and sustainable future.

Our Mission

To ensure a food-secure future by creating sustainable and interdisciplinary research-, outreach-, and education-based solutions to complex plant health problems that threaten global crop production.