Bill Hutchison

Bill HutchisonFor the past 25 years Dr. Hutchison has been active in developing ecologically sound Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems for a variety of insect pests, and invasive species affecting fruit and vegetable growers in the Midwestern U.S. Research and extension programs have focused on biological control and reduced-risk insecticides for cabbage pests, as well pest-resistant hybrids for sweet corn. Genetically engineered (GE) corn for European corn borer and corn earworm has also been evaluated for efficacy and sustainability (see also VegEdge web site). Current international research and outreach is focused on the biosafety of GE crops, the impact of GE crops on areawide pest suppression, IPM systems for East Africa, and teaching of IPM in developing countries. 


Intergrated Pest Management
GE crop biosafety
Areawide pest suppression