Carol Ishimaru

Carol IshimaruThe Ishimaru lab conducts research on national and internationally important bacterial plant pathogens with the goal of enhancing food production and disease management.  A main focus is identifying genes required for pathogenicity and host specificity of Clavibacter michiganensis, a Gram-positive bacterium.  Dr. Ishimaru has led or collaborated on whole genome sequencing projects on plant pathogenic as well as plant-beneficial microbes, such as Pantoae vagans, a biological control agent of fire blight on apple and pear.   Professor Ishimaru’s leadership has contributed to several projects conducted at the University of Minnesota directly relating to food security, including design, construction and operation of a high containment plant pathogen facility for research on pathogens of high consequence, such as Ug99 a family of races attacking wheat and barely.  


Bacterial diseases of plants
Biological control of plant diseases
Genomics of bacterial plant pathogens