Pablo Olivera

Pablo OliveraD. Olivera's main research interests are to enhance and diversify the genetic resistance to stem rust in durum and bread wheat, and to monitor the occurrence, spread, and evolution of new strains of the stem rust pathogen (P. graminis f. sp. tritici) with virulence to effective and widely used resistance genes. His research efforts are directed to identify, characterize, and utilize new and highly-effective stem rust resistance genes in durum wheat, and from wild and cultivated relatives of wheat. He is also heavily involved in surveillance and race analysis of stem rust samples from Ethiopia and other important wheat growing regions in the world. In addition to his research responsibilities, since 2011, he has been responsible for developing and implementing a 6-week training program in cereal rusts prevention and control for international scientists. This training program, under the aegis of Stakman-Borlaug Center for Sustainable Plant Health, provides an experiential learning opportunity for international scientists interested in increasing their scientific knowledge and acquiring practical skills in all facets of working with cereal rusts.          


Resistance to wheat stem rust
Surveillance and race analysis