Mohamed Yakub

Mohamed is responsible for all outreach and education initiatives for the SBC. His work connects researchers and their science with the community and educators by developing and sustaining relationships with teachers and community members and bringing them to campus, as well as bringing the science out to their spaces, and making it accessible. In addition Mohamed creates interdisciplinary teaching and engagement opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

Mohamed recently completed his PhD. in Plant Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota’s College of Biological Sciences. During that time his research interests focused on characterizing ecological and evolutionary responses of plants to various environments, and in the last five years Mohamed has studied how plants evolve in urban environments which are warmer, drier, and more polluted than neighboring rural areas.

Using his research experience, and having been involved in organizing outreach efforts such as Market Science, Mohamed aims to combine education, outreach and event planning to engage with and educate the public about science. With his expertise Mohamed hopes to incorporate an outreach, education or capacity building component within every SBC project, where diverse groups of stakeholders can participate in both the teaching and learning process.

In his spare time Mohamed enjoys biking and enjoying all the Twin Cities have to offer.


Ph.D. (Plant Biological Sciences), University of Minnesota
M.S. (Biology), University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
B.S. (Microbiology), University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
A.A., Normandale Community College

SBC Outreach and Education Coordinator Mo Yakub
Outreach and Education Coordinator
+1 612 624 6348