Plant Genetic Resources

Plant Genetic Resources SBC

In the face of global climate change, the world needs crops that are able to withstand pests and diseases while maintaining steady yields, even when challenged with environmental stresses like extreme temperature and drought. The SBC organizes teams of scientists to apply modern breeding, genomics, phenomics (plant phenotyping) and informatics approaches to create crops that will thrive under variable conditions.

Utilizing Plant Genetic Resources to Enhance Crops

Plant Genetic Resources Working Group

Uniting scientists to develop and employ tools and approaches to mine plant genetic resources for genes useful in crop improvement and to train the next generation of plant scientists. Plant Genetic Resources Working Group >>

Harnessing Data to Improve the World's Crops

CFANS Agroinformatics Initiative

Combining expertise in plant health, bioeconomics and data analysis with the power of one the world’s fastest supercomputers to achieve a sustainable, safe global food system through crop improvement. The CFANS Agroinformatics Initiative >>

Developing Durable Disease Resistant Potato, Apple and Rose

Developing resistance in the rose family

Developing innovative informatic approaches to visualize and interpret patterns of disease resistance gene evolution in the Solanaceae (potato, tomato apple, eggplant) and the Rosaceae (apple, peach, strawberry, rose) and using this knowledge to identify new genes for improved crop resistance. RosaR80 and SolaR80 Data Analysis Frameworks >>

Leveraging Imaging Technologies to Improve Crops

SBC Measurement Sciences

Leading an institutional effort to assess and develop cutting-edge imaging technologies, delivery vehicles, and data analysis approaches for high throughput trait discovery, allowing researchers and breeders to more efficiently improve crop productivity and resilience. Measurement Sciences >>