SBC Prioritiy Areas and Initiatives

The Stakman-Borlaug Center unites plant health experts from the University of Minnesota, other institutions, industry partners and stakeholder groups to provide science-based solutions that solve challenges to global crop production and ecosystem health. The SBC provides research, outreach and education leadership in three priority areas:

Global Sustainable Crop Production

Stakman-Borlaug Center Global Sustainable Crop Production

Working around the globe, SBC scientists address challenges to crop production and build scientific research capacity. Global Sustainable Crop Production Initiatives >>

Plant Genetic Resources

Stakman-Borlaug Center Plant Genetic Resources

Finding genetic solutions that enhance crop resilience to stresses, reduce agricultural inputs and improve the livelihood of farmers and other stakeholders. Plant Genetic Resources Initiatives >>

Plant Health for Pollinator Health

Plant Health for Pollinator Health

Developing a better understanding of how plant health impacts pollinators in order to preserve crop productivity and engage the public. Plant Health for Pollinator Health Initiative >>